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Responsibility Reporting

Social Impact

Creating Meaningful Opportunities and Strengthening Communities

How we impact the world around us really matters to us at Starbucks. Our goals have always gone beyond profit; we’re focused on empowering people, promoting sustainability and being a different, better kind of business. We’re committed to the belief that companies can, and should, do good whenever and wherever they can.

The Starbucks 19th annual Global Social Impact Report highlights our social and environmental projects in the region and the profound impact they’ve had on communities. Whether it’s sourcing ethically grown and sustainably harvested coffee, creating job opportunities for disenfranchised and vulnerable groups, or introducing environmentally friendly practices in our stores, the report is an acknowledgement of our vision of a fair and green future for all. 

Nowadays, making that vision a reality is more important than ever. We may be in the midst of a global pandemic, but Starbucks can be relied on to provide much-needed normalcy, comfort and reassurance. Our stores are a welcome ‘Third Place’ for people across the region; a place where you feel safe, happy and relaxed, to interact and enjoy human connections. 

Our core beliefs haven’t changed – we want to be a company that not only gives more, but also gives back. And that’ll never change.



Taking Less and Giving Back More

From the outset, Starbucks has respected the natural resources, environments, people and practices that make our business possible. We’re about more than just selling coffee, we’re fundamentally involved in the entire process of planting, growing, harvesting and transporting coffee around the world and to your local stores. 

We know the importance of working with nature, not against it, how respecting, maintaining and supporting the natural world produces great coffee in a way that also protects the environment, benefits communities and delights consumers. Our environmental principals are a core element of our Social Impact Strategy; they shape the way we interact with the world and have helped to inspire our pledge to be resource positive by 2030 as part of the Starbucks Sustainability Commitment.

Sustainability isn’t just about protecting the eco-systems and habitats where coffee grows. It’s about giving meaningful and positive support to the farmers who work the fields, paying a fair price for their labour and helping them to be self-sufficient by safeguarding their future. Environmental leadership can’t be taught, it’s developed through a commitment, dedication and willingness to remain true to your principals, ideals, ethics and standards. 

At Starbucks we know that by taking less, we can achieve much more.