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Blonde Cover

Take a Sip of liquid Luxury

It took 8 months and more than 80 different roast iterations before we landed on the exact flavour profile our customers wanted. This unique blend brings together the sweet citrus flavours of East African beans and the smooth body of Latin American beans, all roasted to the peak of their flavour. Try the softly balanced Blonde Roast for the smoothest expression of your favourite espresso beverage or take a bag of whole bean luxury home with you to brew the perfect cup. Also available via Starbucks Delivers on UberEats & MrD.


Coffee and Food

To Go With Your Coffee

We’re fast becoming known for fabulous food & beverage pairing options, developed by expert chefs, with both savoury and sweet menu items.

Pairings include breakfast or lunchtime options. Have you tried our baked ciabatta filled with sliced chicken breast tossed in a herb-infused mayo mix with baby spinach and fresh avocado paired with an icy Cold Brew?

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