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Download our app today and join Starbucks® Rewards

Locate your nearest store, earn free drinks and get exclusive offers.

Signing up is super easy

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    Starbucks® Rewards from your App store

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    by setting up an account or log in using your existing details if you have an account already

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    Add money

    to your account, pay for your items and earn Stars with your purchase - soon that will add up to your next free Reward (any coffee or food item).

GOT A QUESTION FOR US? Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions below


How do I get the latest version of the app?
Visit your app store and search Starbucks Rewards. Update the latest version or download the app if you haven’t before. Don't forget to turn on automatic updates.

How to reset my password?

  • Open the updated app and click sign-in.

  • We’ll ask you to create a new password by clicking the ‘forgot password’ link. Your email address will remain unchanged.

  • You’ll get an email from us (don’t forget to check your junk folder!) with instructions and a link to create your new password.

  • Then just sign in with your existing email address and new password.

Once I’ve updated the app, what do I do?

Existing members: Reset your password using your existing email address, login, go to ‘Cards’, update your credit card details and add a little money.

New members: Select ‘Join Rewards’, create an account, go to ‘Cards’, add your credit card details and add a little money.

Already a member of My Starbucks® Rewards?
Simply update the Starbucks® Rewards app and sign in with your current email address and a new password to get started.

Where are my Stars and credit?

Pre-existing credit (R) will be transferred over.

Pre-existing Stars and Earned Free Drink coupons will take up to 2 weeks to transfer over from 23rd September 2020.

Earned Free Drink coupons will be extended with an additional 10 days on the expiry date, so you don't miss out!

What happens if I don’t use the app and just my Starbucks Card?

You will need to login with your existing registered email address on the website and reset your password using the ‘forgot password’ link.

I have auto reload (top-up) on my app - will this continue to work or do I need to reset it?
The new mobile app will not have any previously stored payment card details. These will need to be added again for auto reload to work.

Simply, open your app, go to ‘Card’, add a payment method, edit, turn on auto-reload.

How do I collect Stars?

You will get 1 Stars for every R2 spent - so every cent counts.

How long will my Stars last?
You're free to spend your Stars whenever you like, for up to two years on your favourite drink of choice.

The app is not available on my Apple Watch
The Starbucks® Rewards App currently doesn’t support Apple Watch, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.